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Fibre Sensor Offering a More Reliable Detection
Get consistent detection under any conditions with the new digital fibre optic sensor. Major changes have allowed users to have a smoother installation process and ease of operation from an intuitive OLED display.
Connection over Ethernet is Easier Than You Think
Now, you can connect to over 100 types of new and old PLCs from all over the world using Ethernet. What's more, connection with KEYENCE brand sensors are simply program-less and ladder-less. Save the time and trouble, try it out now.
Ionizer the Size of Your Palm
The new palm-size ionizer is adorably useful. It uses light to show the electrostatic charge of an object. So now it's possible for users to see whether static electricity elimination has been completed properly just at a glance, making it easy to reduce trouble caused by static electricity and to confirm operation at startup.
Simple, Affordable, Tiny - Vision Sensor
Just these 3 words to describe this thumb-size vision sensor. If you have an application that requires not too complicated inspection, or having a rather tight budget, this sensor might be suitable for you. Bonus point, OCR function is newly added in too. Take a look.
The Stage is Bigger to Fit More
The IM Dimension Measurement unit used to be limited to part size smaller than 200mm. But now, we can measure larger targets on the 300x200mm stage! Newly added light probe unit also lets you get measurement features of specific heights too.
Get Focused Observation in All Angles
Designed with a concept that lets you view, capture and measure in just one microscope. Always having trouble to focus the part you want to observe? With the large depth-of-field and multi-angle tilting, you can observe fully focused image from various angles.
Image Processing Introductory Seminar
This seminar will introduce you following topics:
·The image receiving element
·Lens types, light types and their selection methods
·Image enhancement filters usage
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