Instant Reading
for Near and Far Codes

High-Speed Autofocus Handheld Mobile Computer

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Handheld Mobile Computer
BT-W300/W200 Series

A reading depth of
25 mm to 2300 mm

  • *The shortest distance is 25 mm when the narrow bar width is 0.25 mm, and the longest distance is 2300 mm when the narrow bar width is 1.0 mm.

Have you ever tried to read barcodes in situations
such as these?

  • While squatting down or standing
    on your tip toes

  • While inserting your hand in the gap
    between packages

You can improve the efficiency of reading barcodes with the BT-W300/200 Series

You can read barcodes easily from any position

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Instant Reading of Non-Barcode Dates and Text

OCR Licence [ Option ]

This handheld mobile computer is capable of reading various characters regardless of font.

Various Fonts

[ABC123] [ABC123] [ABC123] [ABC123]

Various Date Formats

[2020.3.15] [20/3/15] [3/15/2020] [MARCH/15/2020]

Product Lineup

  • Model

    • BT-W300
    • BT-W350


    • Large, 3.5-inch high-visibility screen
    • Excellent one-handed operability
  • Model

    • BT-W200
    • BT-W250


    • Highly durable design with drop resistance up to 3.0 m
    • 32 hours of continuous operation
  • *With an OCR licence, character recognition functionality can be enabled on BT-W350/W250 devices.
  • For details,
    download the catalogue.

Download the catalogue from here.

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