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Easy mounting virtually anywhere Introducing KEYENCE’s ultra-compact nozzle-type static electricity eliminator. NEWCompact Nozzle Static Eliminator
SJ-LM Series

Multi-angle static electricity elimination Installable anywhere!

Achieve static electricity elimination at any angle without having to change mounting positions. Never worry about not having enough space for retrofitting equipment or needing to remove static electricity at specific locations.

Direction adjustable between 0 and 90° / 360° rotatable mounting

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Light-based static electricity visualisation Easy determination of effectiveness!

Determine the static charge of targets with colour. The ability to quickly verify whether static electricity has been removed properly at any angle makes it possible to easily check static electricity elimination effects at startup and during operation.

  1. Static electricity present
  2. No static electricity

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Electronic/Electrical Industries

Spot static electricity elimination in devices

Resin/Film/Glass Industries

Static elimination during glass substrate transferring

Food/Pharmaceutical Industries

Prevention of inadvertent take-up of two films

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