KEYENCE is committed to respecting your privacy with regards to personal data and strives to protect the same in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia (“PDPA”).
We recognize it is important you know how we handle the information we receive from you. This Personal Data Privacy Notice (“Notice”) serves to inform you how your personal data is being processed by us. For avoidance of doubt, the terms “personal data” and “processing” shall have the same meaning as prescribed in PDPA.
By providing your personal data to us and/or continuing access to our website at (“Site”), you declare that you have read and understood this Notice and agree and consent to the use, processing and transfer of your Personal Data by us or any of our authorized agents, employees, partners and/or contractors for purposes as outlined in this Notice.
In addition to the personal data you provide to us directly via any application or registration forms through our Site and/or any other means, we may collect your personal data from various sources, including but not limited to information from third parties and information in the public domain. The personal data collected by us may be in the form of but is not limited to your name, contact details, date of birth, email address and any other personal data required for the purposes set out in the paragraph below.
We may collect, retain and use your personal data for among others the following purposes (“the Purposes”):-

  • To process your application(s);
  • To establish/verify your identity and background;
  • To assess and/or verify your employability and credit worthiness;
  • To conduct criminal record checks;
  • To verify your academic and professional qualification;
  • To contact referee and/or the guarantor whom details have been provided by you;
  • To inform you of the possible work opportunities or other events such as, training or information sessions;
  • To consider you for future suitable job position;
  • To investigate, resolve or respond to any enquiries, complaints, comments or feedbacks that you submit to us;
  • To send you important information regarding changes to our policies, other terms and conditions, renewal of policies and other administrative information;
  • To update, consolidate and improve the accuracy of our internal records;
  • To maintain records required for security, claims or other purposes;
  • To comply with any legal or regulatory obligations under the applicable laws, regulations or guidelines that applies to us; and
  • For any other purposes that is required or permitted by any law, regulations, guidelines and/or relevant regulatory authorities.

In the event you have provided to us personal data of someone other than yourself (e.g. your referee or guarantor), you hereby confirm that you have obtained the consent from the person(s) whose personal data may be given to us by you or identified from your personal data which may be processed by us for the Purposes stated herein including disclosure to the parties stated herein.
Your personal data held by us shall be kept confidential. However, to fulfil the Purposes set out herein, we may be required or need to disclose such personal data to the following third parties including but without limitation to:-

  • Our parent company, subsidiaries, related and associate companies (“KEYENCE Affiliates”);
  • Auditors, lawyers, advisers, agents, employees, contractors, service providers and partners who are under the duty of confidentiality with us;
  • Regulatory bodies, governmental bodies or any other relevant authorities; and
  • Any authorized person to whom disclosure is permitted under the laws of Malaysia, regulation, governmental directive or request.

Your personal data may be transferred to, stored, used and processed in a jurisdiction other than Malaysia, to KEYENCE Affiliates which are located outside of Malaysia and/or where the companies’ servers are located outside of Malaysia. You understand and consent to the transfer of your personal data out of Malaysia as described herein. We shall endeavour to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to procure that all such parties outside of Malaysia shall not use your personal data other than for the Purposes set out herein and to adequately protect the confidentiality and privacy of your personal data.
Under the PDPA, you have the right to access your personal data. Where you wish to have access to and/or to make correction to your personal data in our possession, you may make a request to us by sending an e-mail to Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right to charge you a reasonable administrative fee, in the amounts as permitted under law.
We will retain your personal data in compliance with this Notice and/or the terms and conditions of your employment with us for such period as may be necessary to protect our interests or where otherwise required by the law and/or our relevant policies.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, you may at any time request to withdraw your consent to us processing any personal data of yours by sending an e-mail to; We shall take all necessary measures to give effect to your withdrawal of consent to the extent that such withdrawal does not conflict with any of our interest and/or legal obligations.
We reserve the right to modify, update and/or amend this Notice from time to time. If there are any changes to this Notice, we will notify you where appropriate and notice of such changes will be posted on our Site. Please log on to our Site and check this Notice regularly to stay informed on how we are protecting your personal data.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this Notice, please contact us at

Last Updated: 9 May 2019