Programmable Logic Controller KV-8000 series

Eliminate Problems and Improve Operational Availability

  • View a comprehensive record of PLC data when a problem occurs with the Machine Operation Recorder function
  • Prevent problems before they occur with the Anomaly Detection function

KV-8000 series - Programmable Logic Controller

PLC with built-in operation recorder function.



Resolve Problems Quickly with the Machine Operation Recorder Function

The Machine Operation Recorder function records all equipment information before and after a shutdown.
This enables immediate identification of the cause of the problem, allowing for shortened recovery time and improved operational availability through fundamental countermeasures.

  • Recording : All equipment data from devices, cameras, and events are automatically recorded.
  • Playback : View linked playback of various data sources recorded from the moments before the problem occurred.
  • Analysis : Automatically analyse ladder programs and view tree diagrams of related devices.

Prevent Problems with Symptom Monitoring

Constantly monitor the cycle time, device operating times, and waveform data (temperature, pressure, torque, etc.) for each scan cycle. Alerts for equipment behaviour changes help prevent problems before they start.

Program-less Communication Options with KV-X COM

  • Connect seamlessly to factory automation devices and PLCs
  • Program-less PLC networking capability that supports 4 major industrial networks

Use KV-X MOTION for Positioning/Motion Control

  • Program with drag/drop code or function blocks
  • Synchronise motion across multiple axes
  • Motion programs do not affect PLC scan time

KV-8000 with Built-In OPC UA Server Function

  • Connectable to various devices and upper level systems via an international standard
  • Advanced security ensures safe data communication
  • Easily configurable with no intermediate PC required