Multisensor Measurement System

KEYENCE's LM-X Series Multisensor Measurement System provides high-accuracy measurement with simple button-press operation. There is no need for time-consuming positioning or fixturing, and the system automatically detects and measures the position and orientation of the part, no matter where it is placed on the stage. Since the system can be easily set up and used, anyone can easily get highly accurate measurements and inspection reports.

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LM-X series - Multisensor Measurement System

High-accuracy (±0.1 µm) measurement can be performed easily just by placing the part on the stage and pressing a button. Three measurement methods are available: high-accuracy image measurement, non-contact height measurement via a multi-colour laser, and contact measurement via a 3D touch probe. This product drastically reduces the dimensional measurement time of complex parts and ensures accurate measurements with no variations between results obtained by different operators.

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