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This product's incredibly wide reading range and speed lead to major improvements in work efficiency. It is equipped with functions that enable one-handed operation.


BT-A500 series - Handheld Computer

The BT-A500 Series Handheld Mobile Computer with Android™ OS dramatically improves on-site efficiency by boosting the speed of repeated daily tasks. In addition to the ability to instantly read codes under any conditions, the shape of the device is optimized for Android OS performance, allowing for fast one-handed operation. This model also has excellent durability for tough conditions. The rigid chassis and damper mechanism enables the device to withstand drops from 2 m(6.6 ft) as well as 20000 repeated impacts from 30 cm(0.98 ft). Built-In implementation, maintenance, and support tools are also available. The kitting function allows users to copy settings from a single unit to multiple devices and the remote access function enables support and troubleshooting of a device independent of its location.

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BT-A700 series - Handheld Computer

Our new, full-range model of handheld mobile computers, the BT-A700 Series, is capable of reading codes from a minimum distance of 1 in. to a maximum distance of 10m(30 ft). Its impressive reading range and speed enable users to read codes instantaneously in one hand not only while standing but also while seated in a forklift. This leads to impressive productivity improvements. The combination of the first-in-class full-range camera and ultra-high-speed decoding allows instantaneous reading of barcodes even from an angle. The ease of on-site use has also been greatly enhanced. The compact body with a largest-in-class 5-inch screen offers excellent grip to allow stable one-handed operation. Rugged design with a tempered glass screen withstands drops from heights of 2.4 m (8 ft). The device can also be used continuously for up to 32 hours.

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BT-W300/W200 series - Handheld Mobile Computer

"Instant Reading for Near and Far Codes" Built-In High-Speed Auto-Focus Function

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BT-W100 series - Handheld Mobile Computer

Large display PDA that allows for "one-handed operation"

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BT-W80 series - Handheld Mobile Computer

Robust structure to withstand impact up to 3 meters in height
Designed for minimum 28 hours usage or more

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BT-W70 series - Handheld Mobile Computer

130 g - ultra lightweight body, Slick design of 2.4-inch LCD display

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BT-1000 series - Ultra-Compact Handheld Terminal


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