Type 4 safety light curtain

Safety light curtains are safety devices that create a virtual barrier around a hazard. These devices meet the highest safety standards of Type4, SIL3, Category4, and PLe. Integration is efficient and easy with the minimal footprint, durable housing, and options for reduced wiring. Each model achieves the high enclosure rating of IP65/IP67.

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GL-R series - Safety Light Curtain

What makes a light curtain "robust"? KEYENCE has designed a light curtain with a structure that prevents damage from parts or tools by narrowing the exposed lens area and recessing it in an impact resistant housing.

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GL-S series - Safety Light Curtain

Approximately 1/2 the size of conventional light curtains*. In the past, compact applications made it difficult to integrate light curtains due to the size of the light curtains. This is why KEYENCE developed the GL-S Series of compact safety light curtains. Featuring two unique designs and simplified wiring options, the GL-S Series offers ideal solutions for countless safety needs. (* Compared to the volume of conventional KEYENCE models)

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SL-V series - Safety Light Curtain

For safety and efficiency in the workplace. Introducing a safety light curtain completely focused on visibility.