Handheld Computer BT-A500 series

Advanced Reading Performance for Improved Efficiency
with AndroidTM

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BT-A500 series - Handheld Computer

The BT-A500 Series Handheld Mobile Computer with Android™ OS dramatically improves on-site efficiency by boosting the speed of repeated daily tasks. In addition to the ability to instantly read codes under any conditions, the shape of the device is optimized for Android OS performance, allowing for fast one-handed operation. This model also has excellent durability for tough conditions. The rigid chassis and damper mechanism enables the device to withstand drops from 2 m(6.6 ft) as well as 20000 repeated impacts from 30 cm(0.98 ft). Built-In implementation, maintenance, and support tools are also available. The kitting function allows users to copy settings from a single unit to multiple devices and the remote access function enables support and troubleshooting of a device independent of its location.


The Hybrid Scan System Allows for Instant Reading for Near and Far Codes

Hybrid Scan System
(Scanning camera + High-resolution colour camera)

Nearby codes are read by the high-speed monochrome camera while far codes are read by the high-resolution colour camera.
The combination of these two scanning systems provides outstanding reading ability.

[Conventional models] Reading from uncomfortable positions

[BT-A500] Easy reading from any position

Instant Reading of Any Codes and Printed Text

Batch Reading for Faster Data Collection

BT Management Tool
Remote Device Management

Device monitoring

The operating conditions can be monitored by collecting device status information from each remote site in real-time.

  • 1. Device status
    Easily check which devices are being used.
  • 2. Remaining battery power
    Visualise how much battery is left for each device.
  • 3. Connected access point
    Determine where the device is located.