Handheld Mobile Computer BT-W300/W200 series

Impressive Reading Ability for Significant Improvements in Daily Work Efficiency

BT-W300/W200 series - Handheld Mobile Computer

"Instant Reading for Near and Far Codes" Built-In High-Speed Auto-Focus Function


High-Speed Autofocusing for Improved Efficiency with Various Reading Operations

Instantly read codes on the spot whether they are near or far away.
No more squatting, standing on tiptoes or other uncomfortable positions to read.
Reading is easy even at an angle or for dirty/scratched codes, resulting in fewer interruptions.


Oil stain

Plastic wrapping




Instant Reading of Non-Barcode Dates and Text

Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is capable of reading various characters regardless of the font.

Various Fonts | Various Date Formats

Resistance to Strong Impacts and Damage from Daily Use

[Accumulated impact resistance 20000 impacts, Drop resistance 3.0m]
The impact-resistant structure can reduce both damages caused by drops and accumulated by long-term use, resulting in a reduced frequency of failure.