CMOS Analogue Laser Sensor IA series

IA series - CMOS Analogue Laser Sensor

Tough, Reliable, Repeatable Laser Measurement Simplified. KEYENCE brings you an economical analogue laser sensor.


  • High-Accuracy Measurement
  • Tough Head Structure
  • Easy Installation


Latest Technology

A Variety of Uses at Low Cost, Compact and Lightweight Laser Displacement Sensor

IL series - CMOS Multi-Function Analogue Laser Sensor

  • IL-S Sharp-Line Sensor Heads
  • Equipped with Industry First Super-Resolution Algorithm
  • Repeatability 1μm
  • Linearity ±0.05% of F.S. [Highest in its Class]
  • Dynamic Range (x1.5 million) [Highest in its Class]

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