PLC (Building-block / Modular / High Speed type) Manuals

This page allows users to download the latest manuals.

User’s Manual

The user’s manual details all the features of the product.
Refer to this manual for any problems when using the product. This manual includes mounting and installation instructions, product usage information, wiring information, error code lists, dimensions, and more.

CPU Unit

Analogue/Temperature Control Unit

Positioning/Motion Unit

High-speed Counter Unit

Communication/Network Unit

Data utilization Unit

Camera Input Unit



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Instruction Manuals

This is the instruction manual included with the purchased product.
This manual includes comprehensive information on safety and standards precautions, mounting and installation instructions, basic usage, and specifications.

CPU Unit

Power Supply/Related Unit

Expansion Unit

Click here for the PLC (Terminal-block type / Connector type) manual.

Click here for the motors manual.

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