High-definition Touch Panel Display

VT2 series

This model has been discontinued.
Compliance with the certification standard is ensured as of the time of shipment from our company.

Recommended Replaceable Products: 12" TFT colour touch panel display - VT5-X12

12-inch SVGA TFT Colour Touch Panel VT2-12FB

VT2-12FB - 12-inch SVGA TFT Colour Touch Panel




General specifications

Current consumption

95VA or less


Class D grounding (Class 3 grouding).


Panel-mount type, only the operation part of the front surface has dustproofing and splashproofing equivalent to IP65f.

Overvoltage category


Pollution degree


Power voltage

100 to 240 VAC ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

Noise resistance

1,500 Vp-p, pulse width : 1 µs (common mode, by way of a noise simulator)

Withstand voltage

1500 VAC 1 minute (between power terminal and housing)

Insulation resistance

5 MΩ or more, tested with a 500 VDC megger (between the power supply terminal and the case)

Operating environment

Minimal amount of dust and corrosive gas present

Ambient operating temperature

0 to +40°C*1

Ambient operating humidity

35 to 85%RH (No condensation)*2

Ambient storage temperature

-10 to +60°C (no freezing)

Ambient storage humidity

35 to 85%RH (No condensation)*2


Approx 2800g

Performance specifications


Display elements

TFT color LCD

Display colour

4,096 colours

Number of dots

W 800 x H 600 dots

Active display area

W 246 mm x H 184.5 mm

Service life (normal temperature andhumidity)

Approx. 50,000 hours



Cold cathode tube (replaceable)


Approx. 50,000 hours


Number of switches

50 × 38/screen


Matrix resistive membrane type

Operating force

0.98N or less


1,000,000 times or more

Character font

Outline font, bitmap font, stroke font

Communication function

PLC host link

KEYENCE; Mitsubishi; Omron; Sharp; Fuji Electric; YASKAWA Electric Corporation; Hitachi; TOSHIBA CORPORATION; Panasonic; JTEKT Corporation (Toyoda Machine Works Ltd.); TOSHIBA MACHINE CO., LTD.; KOYO ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd.; Yokogawa Electric Cor

General-purpose communication

By way of dedicated commands

Screen data internal memory

Memory capacity

12 MB (28 MB when extended)

Number of pages that can be registered

1,024 pages maximum

Number of screens that can be registered

1,024 maximum

Page number : 0 to 8,999, global window number : G000 to G999

Calendar timer

Accuracy : ±40 seconds/month (25°C), backup : primary lithium battery (5-year life or more, 25°C)

Data backup

Screen data

Flash ROM can be erased 100000 times

Recording data

SRAM backup : primary lithium battery

*1 These are the values when only the main unit is installed with a vertical orientation.
*2 When the ambient temperature is higher than 40°C, please use it in the condition of an absolute humidity of 85%RH at 40°C.

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