[Wide LCD] Greater display area at conventional costs

Adopting a high-resolution wide LCD, the VT5 Series offers a larger display area at the same cost as conventional models.
The screen is also wider, making it easier to switch the display to foreign languages requiring more characters.

[Slide tab function] 1.5× zoomable display area

The slide-in display area offers even more usable display area. The ability to change the display position and display size allows more information to be displayed on a layout best suited for the screen.

[Vision System connectability] Monitoring and operating available from the touch panel

VT5 Series displays can be connected to a Vision System via Ethernet for monitoring. Operations and setting configurations can also be performed over the network via the front USB port, eliminating the need to switch cables even when multiple Vision systems are used, thus improving usability.

[Finger flick input and page thumbnails] Greater efficiency during debugging

Press and hold on the screen to enable page switching using finger flick input or to see the screens list. This function eliminates the need to provide a switch for changing pages, allowing for greater debugging efficiency.

[Speech synthesis] Voice messages for even better notifications

With the VT5 Series, messages for alarm displays can be automatically played. In addition, customizable voice messages can be easily created using text input and then played back, helping to improve workability through voice-guided operation and spoken component type difference warnings.

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