Fully ladder-less networking KV-X COM

Connect to KEYENCE sensors

The compatibility you can expect from a sensor maker

Programless networking between KEYENCE sensors and Ethernet/IP™. Connecting a variety of sensors together expands the potential for your applications and boosts data gathering, visualization, and productivity on the manufacturing floor.

Just connect a LAN cable Programless networking / Supported sensors Over 200 types

Connect to networking devices from various companies

Ladder-less networking avoids network programming frustration

Formatting/command definition and processing during command transmission/reception can be performed on communication programs without using a ladder. In addition, various debugging functions are available to drastically reduce trial and error, the conventional method used repeatedly to identify the cause of a problem. These functions dramatically decrease complexity in communication programs.

Ethernet or serial Fully ladder-less / Ladder-less command testing Communication test function

Connectible to various PLCs and FA devices from all over the world

Support for multiple manufacturers, new and old

PLC links can be established with PLCs from each vendor without the need for programming. A wide range of industrial Ethernet networks, which depend heavily on PLC manufacturers, are also supported. In addition, KV-X COM can communicate with KEYENCE sensors and other various communication devices, both via Ethernet and serial communication, without using a ladder. This allows for connectability to any device.

Programless PLC networking Over 100 types, new and old / Used across the world Supports the 4 largest networks

Supports the 4 largest networks

EtherNet/IP™ / CC-Link IE Field / EtherCAT / PROFINET

KV-X COM is compatible with four types of industrial Ethernet: EtherNet/IP™, CC-Link IE Field, EtherCAT, and PROFINET.
This one unit can connect to these types of networks that are popular in countries all over the world with no limits on the networks.

Connect to remote I/O over Ethernet

Simple connection with a single touch

Support for EtherNet/IP™ compatible remote I/O systems. Anyone can finish configuring the settings with a single touch, so it is possible to easily perform batch monitoring of devices and sensors that are not equipped with communication functions over Ethernet.

Device settings with a single click / Auto Configuration function / Flexible support for device layouts / Space-saving design

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