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New Products

At KEYENCE, terms like "World's First", "World's Fastest", "Industry First", and "Best in Class" come standard with our products. With on-site problem-solving experience accumulated since its establishment in 1974, we understand the industries we serve, enabling us to provide optimal solutions.


Handheld Mobile Computers

Handheld Mobile Computer BT-A500 series

  • Hybrid scan system
  • Instant reading of any codes and printed text
  • Fast one-handed operation with hard-keys and touch panel
  • Runs on Androidâ„¢ OS

Vision / Auto ID

Vision Sensor with Built-in AI IV2 series

  • Imaging technology
  • Optimal detection settings using AI
  • Additional learning possible for handling variations

Laser Markers / Laser Marking

3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker MD-X series

  • Autofocus Anywhere
  • Built-In Vision
  • Data-Driven Analytics

Static Eliminators / Ionisers

Ultra-durable, High-power Static Elimination Gun SJ-LG series

  • Powerful dust removal x Ultra-robust design
  • Impressive dust removal performance 3Ă— more powerful
  • Ultra-robust all-in-one design

Static Eliminators / Ionisers

Compact Nozzle Static Eliminator SJ-LM series

  • Easy mounting virtually anywhere
  • Multi-angle static electricity elimination
  • Light-based static electricity visualisation

Vision / Auto ID

Vision System with Pattern Projection Lighting

  • Simultaneous 2D + 3D Inspection
  • Simple Menu-Driven Settings
  • Compatible With Large Targets