Optimum static elimination& Energy saving

The fastest static elimination in the world [Two times faster than conventional models]

The supersonic air speed created by the electron probe structure and the increase in air volume caused by the pulling in of the surrounding air enable the fastest static elimination in the world.

We have used de Laval nozzles, which are used in supersonic jet engine technology, in the electrode probes to realise our supersonic structure. The air speed exceeds the speed of sound, which enabled us to rapidly improve the speed at which ions attach to the target. In addition, the shape of the electrode probes, which makes use of fluid mechanics, pulls in the surrounding air to increase the air volume. These two technologies are what enable static elimination at high speeds and over a wide range with the lowest air volume in the world.

Comparison of static elimination speeds

Low maintenance [The best in its class]

An astoundingly low amount of maintenance made possible by the supersonic structure

The supersonic air forms shock waves at the tip of the electrode probes. Because the shock waves cause a division in the air, open-air interference is kept to the absolute minimum. Compared with the structures that protect conventional probe tips, this technology forms a solid wall of air, which ensures that these probe tips require an astoundingly low amount of maintenance even though they use low air volume.

Air division part

Lowest air volume in the world [Up to 60% less than conventional models]

Comparison of air volume when using an air pressure of 0.2 MPa

Because these models have extremely low air volume and high static elimination properties, they provide you with drastically decreased running costs compared to conventional models.

There is a correlation between the static elimination speed and the air volume, so to eliminate static at a high speed, the air volume must also be increased. The SJ-E Series uses a supersonic structure, so static elimination with high specifications is possible even though the amount of air used is 60% less than conventional models.

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