Compact Fan Static Eliminator

SJ-LF series

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Specs Compact Fan Static Eliminator SJ-LF series

Main unit




Voltage application method

High frequency AC method

Applied voltage

3 kVAC

Ion balance

±10 V *1

Installation distance

50 mm or greater

Maximum air speed

7 m/s *1

Maximum air flow

0.16 m3/min

Ozone concentration

0.05 ppm or less *1

Control input

Static elimination stop input

Can switch between "non-voltage input" and "voltage input" *2*3
For non-voltage input: ON voltage 2 V or lower, OFF current 0.1 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA or lower (short circuit)
For voltage input: Maximum input rating 30 V , ON voltage 18 V or higher, OFF current 0.1 mA or lower, ON current 1 mA or lower (at 30 V)

Control output

Alarm (N.C.) /Ion level alarm (N.O.)

Open collector output: 30 V DC or less *2*3
Maximum 50 mA or lower, Residual voltage 1 V or lower
Switchable between NPN/PNP settings

Power supply

Power voltage

24 V DC ±10 % (including ripple) or 12 V DC
(dedicated AC adapter OP-88020/87722 *4)

Current consumption

310 mA or less (for 24 V DC)
600 mA or less (for 12 V DC)

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to +50 °C (When using OP-87722, 0 to +40 °C)

Relative humidity

35 to 65 %RH (assuming no condensation)

Overvoltage category


Pollution degree



Approx. 100 g (main unit weight)

*1 Measurement results taken with an installation distance of 100 mm , maximum air flow and no air filter. (Representative values)
*2 Cannot be used when the power supply is an AC adapter
*3 "Static elimination stop input" and "ion level alarm output" are allocated to the white line using the setting switch.
*4 Rated input of 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

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