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          Lenses (for Machine Vision)

          CA-L series

          • Low Distortion Lens

          Low Distortion Lens

          CA-LH Series

          Lowest distortion in its class

          With an original optical design, the CA-LH Series drastically eliminates distortion. This is of great significance when using machine vision for dimensional measurement or other applications that need high precision and performance. Distortion is reduced to 0.01% or less.*
          * With CA-LH50 on 1/3" CCD size

          High performance

          Using a floating mechanism that moves the front lens and rear lens individually, the CA-LH Series provides consistent optical performance across a wide range of working distances to maintain a sharp image. Contrast is also improved in comparison with standard lenses. Even targets with low contrast differences can be resolved effectively without components being blended together.

          Minimum working distance

          When compared to standard lenses the CA-LH Series has a significantly reduced minimum working distance. This means that one lens can easily accommodate for a range of different target heights without the need for close up rings or troublesome change overs.


          Low Distortion Lens










          Focal point

          4.4 mm

          8 mm

          12 mm

          16 mm

          25 mm

          35 mm

          50 mm

          75 mm

          F-stop range (aperture)

          F1.6 to F16

          F1.4 to F16

          F2.0 to F16

          F2.8 to F22

          F2.5 to F22

          Minimum WD

          0.1 m

          0.15 m

          0.2 m

          1.2 m



          Filter size

          43.0 mm P0.75

          27.0 mm P0.5

          25.5 mm P0.5

          27.0 mm P0.5

          34.0 mm P0.5

          Compatible image/CCD size



          TV distortion

          -0.2 % (-0.13 %)*1

          -0.6 % (-0.28 %)*1

          -0.07% (-0.04 %)*1

          -0.05 % (-0.1 %)*1

          -0.04 % (-0.02 %)*1

          -0.2 % (-0.05 %)*1

          -0.03 % (-0.01 %)*1

          -0.1 % (-0.05 %)*1

          Resolving power

          100 cycles/mm at centre, 80 cycles/mm on periphery

          Ambient temperature/humidity range

          0 to +50 °C, 35 to 80 % RH (No condensation)


          Approx. 150 g

          Approx. 90 g

          Approx. 75 g

          Approx. 81 g

          Approx. 89 g

          Approx. 69 g

          Approx. 92 g

          Approx. 105 g

          *1 Indicates specification for compatible image/CCD size. Value in parenthesis applies to 1/3" image/CCD size.
          *2 To use CA-LH8 for CV-020/CV-070/CV-035C/M/CV-H035C/M, close-up rings with 1.5 mm or more thickness are required.

          • Low Distortion Lens

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