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Traceability Solutions for the Automotive

KEYENCE Total Solutions from "Laser Marking" to "Code Reading”



KEYENCE will support your project from specification, to installation through after-sale service.Our products are designed to assist you in historical data management to provide a seamless solution through marking and reading.

Our wide range of product offerings ensure accuracy and compatibility. If failure occurs during production, we will be there to assist with prompt investigation, to determine the cause of failure and to solve the issue without pointing fingers.


KEYENCE:Efficiently Solve Your Production Needs With One Phone Call

Built-in 3D control

The focal point, which is normally fixed, can be changed to an arbitrary position. This enables marking and processing in which the focal point is always perfectly matched with the workpiece surface height, even on three-dimensional shapes, stepped surfaces, and slopes as well as flat surfaces. As a result, this contributes to the improvement of marking quality and the reduction of setup time and man-hours.

Built-in thermopile power monitor

A thermopile power monitor is standard-equipped within the laser head. This eliminates the need to use external equipment for laser output measurement. As a result, this also eliminates measurement errors caused by variations in the installation position of the measurement device. “Output management”, the most important aspect of laser marker equipment maintenance, can be performed easily, accurately, and with great speed.