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BT Series Software / User Support

Software (Windows OS type) FAQ

Can the key codes that are entered by pressing a respective key be changed?

Yes, they can by using the key assignment function.
For example, scanning can be performed by pressing the F1 key, and the F2 key can also be assigned to the F3 key.
Enable the key assignment function by System Menu -> "1.Basic Settings" -> "3.Input Settings" -> "1.Key".

Can a terminal communicate with a Bluetooth printer while a wireless LAN connection is still established?

Yes, BT-W Series terminals can also communicate with a Bluetooth device while still connected to a wireless LAN since simultaneous enabling of a wireless LAN and Bluetooth communication is supported.

Can the remaining battery power and wireless communication status be displayed on the status bar?

A BT-W Series terminal is provided with its own status bar, which can be used to display remaining battery power and wireless communication status.
Set the status bar by System Menu -> "1.Basic Settings" -> "4.Output Settings" -> "3.Status Bar".

Can applications be scheduled to start up?

Schedule the application you want to start up on the system menu.
Register the schedule by System Menu -> "4.Operation Settings" -> "6.Start Application".

When this function is used, the master file can be downloaded, the log can be sent, the OS can be restarted, or data can be backed up at a specified time, for example.

Can files be downloaded to a terminal that is powered down?

Yes, they can by using the standby off mode.

In the standby off mode, the OS is running in the background even if the terminal is powered down.
Although, the terminal still looks powered down, the OS itself is running, so the PC can connect to the terminal to download the master file or acquire the log from the terminal.

  • Standby off is enabled only when the "standby off mode is enabled" and the "terminal is powered down".

Set the standby off mode by System Menu -> "1.Basic Settings" -> "5.System Control" -> "1.Power Management".

I am programming scan operations, but the data is input twice. What should I do?

When you program scan operations, turn the resident scan function off. Clear the check box for the resident scan function on the "121. Reading Parameters" screen on the BT system menu.

I am programming scan operations, but multiple Windows messages are displayed for each scan. What should I do?

If you define multiple MsgWindow objects, multiple events will occur.
One common example is the case in which a new MsgWindow is generated without releasing the previous MsgWindow when moving from one Form to another.

I am writing a program to connect to an SQL Server, but an error that states there is no "dbnetlib.dll" file occurs. I am sure that dbnetlib.dll has been copied to the handy terminal, so why does this error occur?

The dbnetlib.dll file that is used differs between the actual device and Virtual PC.
Use one of the following.

  1. To perform operations on the actual device
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition\v3.5\Devices\Client\wce500\armv4i
  2. To perform operations on Virtual PC
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition\v3.5\Devices\Client\wce500\x86
I have developed Windows applications for PCs before, but this is the first time for me to develop a handy terminal application. What should I use as a reference to develop the application efficiently?

Use the inventory counting samples and inventory searching samples as references.
They include the basic logic such as reading, saving data, and transferring data.

After performing operations for a few days, a message stating that the memory is insufficient is displayed. What should I do?

The application that you have developed may have a memory leak. You can obtain the remaining memory by using the GlobalMemoryStatus() Win32 API function, which enables you to isolate the cause of the problem, that is, which processes are consuming the memory.

Reference URL

In most cases, it is very difficult to identify the cause of memory consumption by a program. There are many examples where restarting the program periodically is used to solve the problem. Consider the automatic restarting settings shown below, which you can configure easily.

  1. Create an application that only restarts the device.
  2. Register the schedule of the application from (1) on the "46. Launch Application" screen on the BT system menu.
After a certain amount of time passes, I can no longer copy files to the shared folder. It appears as if the session has been stopped. What should I do?

A method for disabling the session timeout of PC is shown below.

  1. Start the Command Prompt window on the connected PC.
  2. Run the "NET CONFIG SERVER /AUTODISCONNECT:-1" command.
  3. If the message "The command completed successfully." is displayed, the operation is completed.
Can the HT start an FTP server?

Select the "Run automatically on startup" check box on the "482. FTP Server" screen on the BT system menu to start an FTP server.

Is it possible to perform handy terminal device control when developing web applications or terminal services?

You can perform device control by using extended JavaScript when developing web applications and by using the PDP Plugin when developing terminal services. You can download them from this support page at no extra charge.

Does the handy terminal have antivirus software?

KEYENCE does not provide the handy terminal with antivirus software.
Generally speaking, antivirus software is not distributed for use with Windows CE.

I use Internet Explorer, but a message indicating that memory is insufficient is displayed from time to time. What should I do?

If you attempt to display a large amount of content, such as a website designed for viewing on a PC, the memory may be insufficient and you may not be able to display the content. Try reducing the amount of content.

Is it possible to maintain multiple connection destination SSIDs?

If you are using the BT system menu, you can only save one SSID.
A function for controlling the wireless settings (btWLANSetProperty) is available, so include this function in a program.